Like a breath of fresh air, Insightful, Inspiring, A book I will cherish and pass on to my children. Thank you, June! God Bless you!

-Emily Bush, mother

If you want to be blessed, the eBook will be the best seven dollars you spend, and I am certain the time on the discussion board will be priceless.
--Christian Graces, business

I started reading it and just could NOT put it down. This book is filled with SO much wisdom and conviction.

What True Christian Motherhood gives is a full book of encouragement and a vision to what the 21st Century mom would look like.  I found the chapters bring conviction and butterflies to my stomach as I could feel the Lord working through me to step up and be this mom that God has called us to be and to teach others to embrace motherhood in a different way.

The chapters are easy reads with great challenging questions at the end. June captured my attention the whole time and made me stop to ponder on what I just read. 

Most importantly this book is not just for the mothers, it is a packed book for the single woman, grandmothers, and mothers to be.

I would encourage everyone to get this book not only for yourself but your sisters, mothers to be, aunts, and friends that could use some encouragement.  I also invite you to join us over at True Christian Motherhood Discussion Group where you will meet all kinds of women that are striving to embrace True Christian Motherhood.

-Sonya Schroeder, Becoming a Strong Woman of God

"I read through the entire 26 chapters in one night. I couldn't put it down.
True Christian Motherhood gives encouragement and vision for the 21st Century mother. As I read through the book, I found myself excited and renewed in my soul as a mother. God's vision for biblical mothering was confirmed through numerous scriptures and truths found throughout the book.

The chapters are pithy and short, but full of conviction. Challenging questions at the end of each chapter are presented for mothers to ponder and study. I was captivated by excellent writing.

This book is not only for mothers, but for single women, mothers to be, and grandmothers. It will change the way you view mothering forever."

-Jasmine Cucuta, mother of five

"I downloaded my copy yesterday and read the first few chapters. There was just one word which popped into my mind as I read - this is not just helpful and encouraging this is 'powerful'. I pray that the words that the Lord has given you will give those that read hope and a renewed vision for the role of motherhood and all that God intended it to be. When God is moving the church tends to point to crusades and short lived 'movements' but fails to see what is happening in homes across the world as the hearts of mothers are revived and fathers' hearts are turned to their children - as Angus Buchan, a man who preaches to thousands, once said 'Revival begins at kitchen door.'

Thank you June - I believe your book will not just be read, printed off and set aside but with God's help be lived out and be part of that kitchen door revival."
Ann,  Austrailia

"This book is not for religious perfectionists, nor is it a "homeschoolers-only" book. It is written for all of us mortal, flawed sinners. But it doesn't leave us there. It encourages us to reach out for a little bit of heaven on earth, and a part of that occupancy that Jesus spoke to us aboutGod's Kingdom coming to earth into our homes and personal sphere of influence.

I wish that each of my readers could have a copy of this workthe fruit from that would be incalculable. She shares wonderful and practical insights to mothering and motherhood."

 -Mother of 15 blessings, Large Family Mothering

One of the things I appreciate about June is that she is not afraid to speak the truth, but she does it with gentle graciousness.  After reading her book, I was struck with the fact that it encapsulates many of the important, biblical truths that her blog communicates…in one beautiful little volume. 
Each chapter is short, yet literally packed with profound and pointed thoughts designed to give women pause to think and evaluate their own hearts and lives.  She doesn’t waste words…and covers a lot of ground in her little book.  Although I’ve been a Christian for 37 years and a mom for almost 18 years, I found myself being quietly reminded of some simple, but very important things I so easily “forget” in the business of every day life.

This would make an excellent gift for a new mother, but certainly a wonderful choice for mothers of all ages as well.  I recommend True Christian Motherhood as a book that will nourish and strengthen your mother-heart.

Natalie, Visionary Womanhood
blogger and author

"I cannot begin to thank-you enough for writing this book. I have begun poring over its pages and find myself captivated by the wisdom and beauty of your writing. The chapters are short enough to accompany my personal devotions before my children wake up, and the questions give my heart something worthy to ponder during the day.

I just finished the chapter "The Exhausted Mom." That's me, at this season of my life! I was so convicted though when I read that half the battle is in our minds. My attitude towards the tiredness could definitely use an adjustment. I'll be working on that today!

Thank-you again, from the bottom of my heart, for writing such a timely, beautiful work. You have already blessed me tremendously for the several months I've been reading your blog, but True Christian Womanhood just takes the cake." 

-Jacinda, Growing Home

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