An excerpt from the book:

"As mothers we need to equip our children well to do the work the Lord has assigned for each of them to do. We must diligently teach scripture, we must teach godly character, we must teach love for the Lord and the lost without growing discouraged ourselves (oh my, isn’t this a hard one sometimes?) for we have the Masters work at hand, an honorable and momentous responsibility!...

We must remember that our lasting influence impacts future generations through our children, our grandchildren and great grandchildren whether for good or for evil. Which are you raising for the Lord? Descendants who could be an army to take the world by storm or descendants who build up alters to false gods? 

We must revive the vision of multigenerational faithfulness! We cannot change our homes through the efforts of our flesh---it comes from grace and power from Christ alone---but we are required to do our part. We cannot fall short of this glorious vocation because our Lord has called us to it--and where He calls us to, we must obey.

Now in honor of those faithful mothers who have come before us, who have sacrificed their lives, gave unselfishly, wept in the dark to the Savior and persevered to the end---we applaud you. You have paved the way for us behind you! The Lord has used you as a mighty instrument in His hand and you are surely called blessed among your children. Your dedication has a lasting power that is the sweet aroma of Jesus Christ.

God undeniably uses the weak to shame the strong. He also uses ordinary people, you and I, to help reclaim the vision for motherhood and build a godly nation for Him."


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